[Sold Out] A Fifty Gallon Drum of Savage Customs Fresh Flesh and Random Pop

CD | Brothersister Records | Australia

Various Artists
브라더시스더레코즈가 제공하는 영국/프랑스/일본/체코/미국 출신 아티스트들의 실험적 음악과
지역 고유의 개성이 담긴 트랙이 실린 귀중한 컴필레이션 앨범입니다.

참여 아티스트 :
Pompey (Australia)
...makes polyrhythmic pop and sounds, linked in ways to environmental sounds, and 'studio'-as-instrument.

Brutal Vainqueur (France)...
are an improv-folk-psyche-noise band consisting of Francois Virot who has a very steady solo career and Gael Moissonnier who runs the Lyon based CD-R label Zero Jardins.

Emperors of Blefuscu (Australia)
...are informed by jungles, house music, animals and tough kids, and manage to sound like all the above at once.Inquiet (Australia)write hazy, windtunnel based songs which sound like the musical equivalent of girls looking through telescopes.Squimaoto (Japan)...are three girls based in Osaka who alternate between noisy art-rock and unsteady melodic wanderings.

Design A Wave (UK)
...is Tom Hirst, a one man recording machine creating retro pop tributes to R. Stevie Moore. He is DIY to the core and also plays in the Directorsound liveband.

Directorsound (UK)'s
...Tales from the Tightrope was described by Yuichiro Fujimoto as "like a broken toy marching band which also sounds like grandpa's band playing music in a countryside pub."

The Andersens (Japan)
....is an amorphous children's pop band featuring members of Maher Shalal Hash Baz and The Tenniscoats. The band's one constant in eccentric Onozaki Kiyokazu who ensures no two Andersens's shows are ever alike.

Saitto Electtrico Good Sound (Japan)
...play intensely detailed, seemingly random and incredibly brief songs that sound like the haphazard musical musings of a four year old played by a full band live, and (eventually) with precision.

Aranos (Czech Republic/ UK)
...plays an experimental brand of East European gypsy music and has collaborated with members of Nurse with Wound, Volcano the Bear & Current 93.

Poland (Australia)
...plays primitive DSP pop music that is new and confounding stuff. She is possessed of an unwieldy and irregular sense of rhythm and along with Pompey, has an Ep out through Melbourne's best label, Pocketclock Music.

Supercreep (USA)
...is an Ariel Pink affiliate whose music seems liberally bathed by the Los Angeles sun. He co-runs the newly formed Human Ear Music with Pink, and sings with a disturbing sincerity, "I told you not to call my cellphone number..."

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