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서울에서 태어나 파리에 거주하며 공부 중인 미묘는 앰비언트, 하우스, 일렉트로니카, 인디 록, 트립합 등 다양한 음악 취향 속을 방황하고 있습니다. 미묘(mimyo)는 물론 미묘(微妙)하다는 뜻입니다.

Mimyo was bron in Seoul, and now he is living and studying in Paris. He is wandering around ambiant, house, elctronica, indie rock, trip-hop, and many other various musical tastes. His name 'Mimyo' means delicate and subtle in korean.

 - Electronic

- Le Devenir

Sample Tracks
- from Le Devenir

Essai de Devenir #4 by mimyo

Essai de Devenir #2 (Remix) by mimyo

- from Model B : An Unofficial / Unauthorized Tribute to BoA.

Mimyo - Discovery by ABoAB

- http://mimyo.fr
- http://myspace.com/demimyo
- http://facebook.com/demimyo

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